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Join us as we share our journey of growth and community, of organic gardening, of the joys of farm to table, and of our family.

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Our Story

Welcome to our gardening journey! We are the Griffin family: Diana, Matt, Henry & Dexter. Our story began in 2020, when a global pandemic led us to seek solace and purpose in a neglected corner of our yard. With uncertainty hanging in the air and a newfound abundance of time, we embarked on a gardening adventure that transformed not just our yard, but our lives.


The plot of land we started with was a modest 10x20 patch, an overgrown thicket of brush, stumps, and roots. It was a challenge that called to us, offering a tangible task we could pour our energy into when it felt like so much was out of our control. With our collective effort, we turned that once-forgotten land into a blooming haven of gorgeous flowers and thriving vegetables, an oasis cultivated from our shared dedication.


Today, our garden is an all-organic, thriving testament to hard work, patience, and family. We've discovered the joy that comes from working the soil together, the satisfaction of seeing seeds sprout into life, and the reward of harvesting what we've sown. We've found solace in nature and connection in our shared endeavor. Gardening has proven to be a lot of work, but it's also been our greatest reward.


Through this blog, we hope to share our story, the lessons we've learned, the triumphs and the inevitable failures, and the beauty that can grow from a single seed — or an idea. We want to inspire others to get their hands dirty, to create something beautiful, to find their own corner of the world and see what they can grow.


We invite you to join us on this gardening journey. Let's grow together!

Growing Things

Services We Offer

Need help with your flower garden or vegetable garden?

Community Kitchen Garden

Garden Planning

Let us help you create the garden of your dreams! We can take your vision and make it a reality!


Farm to Table Dinners

We offer farm to table dinner planning and execution. We can help with your menu, sourcing local ingredients and venues and even fully-hosted events.

Plum in Honey

Local Honey

We keep bees! Our bees make honey! Doesn't get more local than that!

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